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To generate value for our clients, employees and shareholders.

We concluded the plan launched in September 2014 one year before the established date; consequently, we reevaluated our business model and defined the path we want Grupo Financiero B×+ to follow in the coming years.

One of our main conclusions was the reaffirmation that we have traveled the right track, maintaining sustainable growth since our foundation 15 years ago, and most importantly, generating value for our clients, employees and shareholders.

Through a natural evolution, we developed the 2020-2025 Strategic Plan, seeking to continue our 2014 strategy. This plan will drive our growth, allow us to adapt to clients’ future needs and develop an innovative offer of products and services tailored to each one, generating long-term relations.

A fundamental component is our purpose: to enrich people’s lives, which gives meaning to the Strategic Plan. It represents the next step in our organizational culture, since it guides and substantiates our actions.

This is how we established differentiation, connection and specialization as fundamental parts of our strategy and four essential pillars within our business model. The first pillar is called Clients Business; it is mainly focused on providing solutions for companies and individuals. We defined specific objectives for both segments: for companies, we offer financing tools that satisfy their needs in a timely manner and ensure optimal resource management. In the case of individuals, we assist them with our experience in managing their investments to maximize their returns. In both cases, we seek to deeply know each client to provide personalized attention and become their strategic partners.



Improve ROE
and efficiency

A fundamental element in this pillar is the vast array of financial products and services that we offer our clients. The electronic banking solutions that incorporate more and more functionalities are a key piece.

The Product Business is our second pillar; it comprises four business units: Leasing, Exchange, Mortgage and Insurance, which generate synergies within the group and have their own specialized sales force to advise our clients to guarantee the best decision making.

The third pillar, Inorganic Growth, allows us to identify and take advantage of emerging opportunities in the market in order to execute strategic acquisitions that consolidate our business model.

The fourth pillar is centered in Infrastructure and Support Services, and is composed of five elements to comply with the Strategic Plan. The first one focuses on human capital to promote organizational clarity and our employees’ business alignment. Infrastructure strengthening, as a second point, will allow us to have a greater degree of automation and open architecture. The third aspect is to increase our presence through business centers. The fourth element contemplates talent attraction and development so that, as a fifth component, we can generate an innovation platform to reach new areas and sectors that demand a new business model.

As in the previous plan, we established very ambitious and challenging objectives, including doubling our portfolio and deposits, as well as improving our efficiency and ROE.