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Board of DirectorsDon Antonio del Valle Ruizhonorary chairman for life

Proprietary DirectorsAntonio del Valle Perochenachairman of the board of directors of
grupo financiero and arrendadora b×+

Jaime Ruiz Sacristánchairman of the board of banco b×+

María Blanca del Valle Perochena
Eugenio Santiago Clariond Reyes
Juan Domingo Beckmann Legorreta
Divo Milán Haddad 1
José Antonio Tricio Haro
Rogelio Barrenechea Banzález
Carlos Ruiz Sacristán
Francisco Moguel Gloria 1

SecretaryJuan Pablo de Río Benítez 2

Alternate DirectorsFrancisco Javier del Valle Perochena
Jorge Ricardo Gutiérrez Muñoz
María Guadalupe del Valle Perochena
Jorge Alberto Martínez Madero
Luis Carlos de Pablo Gómez del Campo
Alicia Solares Flores 1
Rafael Tricio Haro
Rogelio Barrenechea Cuenca 1
Daniel Martínez Valle
José Sáenz Viesca 1chairman of the board
of casa de bolsa b×+

Assistant SecretariesHumberto Goycoolea Heredia 2
Almaquio Basurto Rosas 2

Jorge Rodríguez Elorduy*chairman of the board of seguros b×+

Steering CommitteeTomás Christian Ehrenberg Aldford 3chief executive officer of grupo financiero b×+

María del Carmen Suárez Cué 3chief executive officer of banco b×+

Alejandro Finkler Kudler 3chief executive officer of casa de bolsa b×+

Diego Zarroca Ybarz 3chief executive officer of arrendadora b×+

María Elisa Medina Salamancachief executive officer of seguros b×+

Alfredo Rabell Mañón 3deputy director specialized banking

Alejandro Rolón Moreno Valle 3deputy director credit and risks

Adolfo Herrera Pinto 3deputy director commercial development

Yanette Trujillo Ramírezaudit director

Samantha Martínez Seemannhuman capital director

Gustavo César Garmendia Reyes 3compliance director

Omar Álvarez Cabrera 3chief financial officer

Humberto Goycoolea Heredia 3legal counsel

Marco Antonio Ortiz Marines 3operations and systems director

1 Independent Directors
2 Non-members of the Board of Directors
3 Members of the Advisory Committee
* Not part of the Board of Directors of Grupo Financiero B×+

A 15 years later, we examine our history and confirm that we have exceeded the expectations of the first shareholders’ group, our clients and employees.

Audit and Corporate Practices Committee

This Committee’s structure and the quorum for its sessions adheres to current regulations. It fulfilled its obligation to prepare and report to the Board of Directors on the following:

Regarding Audit matters:

This report includes, at least: (i) any shortcomings, discrepancies or aspects of the Internal Control System, which if necessary, require improvement, (ii) a mention and follow-up on implementation of preventive and corrective measures taken in response to observations made by the National Banking and Securities Commission and the results of internal audits, as well as those from the Internal Control System assessment performed by the Audit Committee itself, (iii) the performance evaluation of the Internal Audit area, (iv) the significant aspects of the Internal Control System that might affect the results of the Institution’s activities, (v) an assessment of the Business Continuity Plan’s reach and efficacy, (vi) the performance evaluation of the external auditor, as well as the description and evaluation of additional services provided by this auditor, (vii) the performance evaluation of the independent actuary that rules on the situation and sufficiency of the technical reserves, as well as the quality of his opinion and reports, (viii) the main results of the review of the financial statements of the holding company and subsidiaries, as well as the judgement,

reports, opinions and communications of the external auditor and the independent actuary, (ix) the follow-up of the agreements of the Shareholders’ Meetings and the Board of Directors, and (x) any deficiencies, deviations or aspects of the Comprehensive Risk Management System, the actuarial function and services contracting with third parties that, where appropriate, require improvement.

Regarding Corporate
Practices matters:

The report includes, at least: (i) the observations regarding the performance of relevant directors, (ii) all acts with related persons, detailing any significant characteristics, (iii) the packages of emoluments or comprehensive remuneration for natural persons, (iv) waivers granted by the Board of Directors, and (v) the observations made by the supervisory commissions.

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is appointed by the Board; its function is to address all urgent matters that cannot be delayed until the regularly scheduled meetings of the Board of Directors, in the opinion of the Committee itself.

Furthermore, it oversees compliance of the resolutions of the Board of Directors, but in no case, it will have faculties or functions reserved for the Institution’s Board of Directors according to the corporate bylaws or any other law.

Comprehensive Risk Management Committee (crmc)

The CRMC aims to manage all risks our Institution is exposed to and ensure that all operations comply with the appetite for risk, the comprehensive risk management goals, policies and procedures, as well as with risk exposure global limits, previously approved by the Board.

In the case of Discretionary Risks, it approves specific limits to manage risk in the different portfolios, activities and business lines, which are approved by the same body. For the Non-Discretionary, it establishes the tolerance levels. The CRMC also approves methodologies and procedures to identify, measure, oversee, limit, control, inform and disclose the different types of risks the Institution is exposed to, all the above according to current regulations.

Other Governing Bodies

At Grupo Financiero B×+ we maintain active other governance bodies, comprised by Board members and/or directors with several responsibilities, such as: Assets and Liabilities, Acquisitions, Credits, Investments, Transformation, Ethics, Communication and Control, Business Continuity, among others.