Message from the
Chairman of the Board of Grupo Financiero B×+

2020 was marked by the unrelenting effort, commitment, fellowship, and solidarity of all our employees. We are prepared for 2021, a decisive year which will present several opportunities. Together, we will capitalize on them to continue growing."

To our esteemed shareholders and employees,

2020 will leave a profound mark on the world, in our country and without a doubt in the history of Grupo Financiero B×+. When the year began, no one imagined, and therefore we underestimated, the depth and duration of the pandemic caused by COVID-19.

This year was complex and full of misfortunes that have taught us important lessons. Despite the human catastrophe, and the personal and family suffering that afflicts us all, we managed to develop capacities that have allowed us to overcome the unchained economic situation, which we will continue to live in for months to come.

At B×+ we continue working daily to meet our goals and move towards the targets we set for ourselves from the beginning, in accordance with the Strategic Plan launched in 2019.

During our history, we have already overcome several difficulties and, despite the severity of the current one, the B×+ team has shown its ability to navigate the waves of the pandemic in the best possible way; I am convinced that this time we will also prevail.

The results we present for the year were possible thanks to the best talent in Mexico, which allowed us to maintain uninterrupted operations, while remaining closer to our clients and providing them with security and certainty at every moment.

In 2020, innovation became the guiding principle of our activities, breaking paradigms, establishing mixed work schemes, and accelerating the adoption of new technological tools, continuing on the forefront.

As Chairman of the Board of Grupo Financiero B×+, I am extremely proud of this great institution and, on behalf of it, I would like to acknowledge the passion, dedication and commitment of every member of our Group. To those who keep supporting all offices and branches, as well as those who work tirelessly from their homes to maintain our service standards, thank you.

As part of the COVID-19 tragedy, we lost members of the B×+ Community and their families; among them, our beloved and admired Jaime Ruiz Sacristán, founder and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Banco B×+. Today we pay tribute to him and all those who passed on before us.

We decided to name our 2020 Annual Report: Together We Achieve More, due to the effort, commitment, fellowship and solidarity of all employees. Only united have we managed to overcome this situation.

We are ready for 2021. A decisive year that will undoubtedly present scenarios that will require all our dedication and competence; however, it will also bring many opportunities. Together we will make the most and capitalize on them to continue growing. We have all the tools to achieve it.

Together we achieve more!

Antonio del Valle Perochena Chairman of the Board of Directors of Grupo Financiero B×+