Message from the Chairman of the
Board of Grupo Financiero B×+

To our shareholders and employees,

Due to our strategy, business model and commercial offer, together with the talent of our people, we are in a privileged position, one which consistently delivers excellent results.

During 2018, we maintained our constant growth. We did not stop our progress, even faced with political, economic and social contrasts derived from external factors, such as the US trade war with China or the signing of the New North American Free Trade Agreement (USMCA); and from internal ones, like the uncertainty generated by the electoral process and, in the last months of the year, by the change of administration in the Federal Government, the cancellation of the New Airport of Mexico City and the exchange rate volatility, among others.

At B×+ we permanently search for opportunities. Therefore, we have developed an increasingly fast execution capacity, which is the result of the commitment of the entire team. Our success lies in the ability to adapt and anticipate the market.

Since we have an appropriate structure and exceptional talent, during fiscal year 2018 we achieved substantial improvements in our operating efficiency, leading to a 39% increase in financial profitability (ROE) against 2017. At the same time, we introduced technological innovations with the steadfast goal of providing our clients an impeccable service to generate long-term relationships.

No doubt in 2019 we will continue growing, achieving greater profitability and efficiency. We have demonstrated our ability to deliver outstanding results throughout our almost 15 years of operations, which we will celebrate with our clients, always helping them to materialize their dreams, reaching towards new horizons.

Reach further!

Antonio del Valle Perochena
Chairman of the Board of Directors
of Grupo Financiero B×+

We reach towards,
new horizons,
with a unique team
and a steadfast goal