2020 Strategy

In September 2014 we determined an aggressive growth and value generation strategy with a 2020 vision: “To triple the value of Grupo Financiero B×+ profitably and sustainably, meeting the needs of our customers, employees and shareholders.”

In the last four years, we have established long-term relationships with our customers, creating memorable experiences, backed by a comprehensive offer of products and services that generates value.

We took very important steps to be prepared to place B×+ on Bolsa Mexicana de Valores, in order to move towards new horizons.

The 2020 Strategic Plan has caused short and medium-term challenges; thanks to the main lines of action that we established since 2017, we have directed our daily actions:

Grow sustainablyour portfolio
Manage effectivelyour portfolio, meeting risk criteria
Maintain a healthy portfolioby keeping close track of client behavior
Increase depositsby attracting and linking more clients to develop long-term relationships

Based on these, in 2018, we included 12 tactics for leaders, one in commercial areas and another one as backup in operations to guarantee their compliance in accordance with the 2020 strategy, which will lead us towards new horizons.

Innovation will undoubtedly be a fundamental element to continue building our new vision

In addition, we stimulate a strategic pillar: innovation through a diagnosis of innovative features and a collaborative challenge whose goal is to find ways to create new experiences for our customers, placing it at the center of our work. The result has allowed us to incorporate employees’ ideas into our business model.